Barber Chairs

World renowned custom barber chairs. Known for our quality and knowledge of antique barber chairs.

Custom Furniture

More than just custom chairs. Let us help you fill your space with quality matching furniture.

Shop Branding

Image is everything and let's face it...some need more help than others. Logo services available.


Fine quality merchandise geared for the barber community. Do you need merch for your shop?

More than 20+ Years Experience

Frankie Designs, located in Grand Prairie, TX; is the number one source for Custom Antique Barber Chairs worldwide. We pride ourselves on giving customers the best quality custom chairs in the barber industry. Owner Frankie Diaz got his start a few years back in the barber industry, but his family's business goes back 20+ years in the upholstery world. If there's one thing he knows, it's upholstery!

Aside from barber chairs we are also able to customize most barbershop/salon furniture to suit any business needs. Waiting benches, padded mirrors, salon chairs, etc. For a list of items available and/or custom options, please give us a call or contact us at